Meets The Minimal Degree of Creativity

Meets The Minimal Degree of Creativity (2023) Black 3.0 acrylic on canvas, velvet, expanding foam, silver duct tape 

This work is a tongue in cheek reaction to the recent banana on a canvas work by Maurizio Cattelan and the subsequent lawsuit bought by another artist who claimed to have been the first person to stick fruit to a wall with duct tape. The judge ruled in Cattelans favour by pronouncing that the work Meets The Minimal Degree of CreativityIn addition, the black paint used is made by artist Stuart Semple who made the blackest Black 3.0 paint in response to Anish Kapoors copyrighting of the blackest, most light absorbing black pigment. 

The absurdity of both the lawsuit and the copyrighting of a paint is explored here and the question posed – who owns an idea? It is of course entirely possible for two people to have the same idea – maybe a dialogue between like minded people would be more beneficial than a lawsuit costing thousands of dollars?