Jo’s 90


Jo’s 90 (2023) Single Channel Video.

1 hour 30 minutes, colour, silent.

A 90 minute film inspired by science fiction narratives whereby vast swaths of knowledge can be immediately learned from connection to an external device and the artist’s lifelong love of dressing up – from playing as a child to playing as an adult.  The work looks at how personal knowledge is accrued and valued, particularly through the lens of class divisions where knowledge can be dismissed, ignored and ridiculed, the absurdity of what outfits (appearances) might be acceptable in contemporary society and what they hide, how they are expected to construct a conformist identity (in all cultures) and how artists collect knowledge in the pursuit of a deeper meaning for their work. 

The film records the artist wearing a 1960’s hairdryer hood re fashioned as a battle mask that functions to both acquire and shield from knowledge. She wears a different outfit to create a fantasy persona for each of the 90 scenes, performing in front of 90 different backdrops whilst an accompanying text describes 90 ‘facts’ removed from their original context. Animated brains increase in number with each frame and each piece of acquired knowledge, to eventually dominate the screen and obscure her background. 

To view the full film please contact the artist jo[at]