Dr Karen Lander at The Festival of the Brain 2023

Dr Karen Lander is an experimental cognitive psychologist.  Her research has focused on face perception and recognition.  She is also interested in why some people are better at recognising faces than others and the application of her work to criminal identification and computer animation of faces. 

Her talk provides an overview of what we know about face perception and recognition addressing such questions as – why face recognition is important?  what happens when face recognition goes wrong? how do we store information about faces in memory? and what makes a face attractive?  We will look at face ‘illusions’ and see how well you can recognise faces.


The Festival of the Brain took place on March 11th 2023 at The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery Rawtenstall. This day long festival featured a variety of guest speakers each of whom presented different areas of expertise and viewpoints all relating to aspects and ideas of the brain.  

The festival took place during Clements solo show ‘Everyone In This Room is Connected to Everyone in this Room’ at the gallery (Feb 24 – May 7 2023) where she explored visual representations of the brain alongside AR and AI interactions and films.

Filming by LGBTV https://www.lgbtv.co.uk

Edited by Jo Clements