Isolated Holes (2014)

96 charcoal and graphite drawings on A1 paper

In 1964 amateur film maker George Gregory made a film (Unidentified b/w, silent 4:15) that shows a boy walking aimlessly around Birkenhead docks when a “UFO” appears as a ball of light – a special-effect that was created by laboriously punching thousands of holes in the celluloid film. 

I drew the holes.

Kneeling on the floor I drew from memory as a way of celebrating obsessive endurance, to imagine myself in a Close Encounters kind of situation, to explore making work from the remembering of a manufactured supernatural event and to celebrate those who claim to have seen and subsequently made images of UFO’s.

The work Isolated Holes (2014) is one of nine works produced as part of the 9 Archives Project that included research and collaboration with 9 regional film archives in the UK.

Thanks to North West Film Archives.

Photographed  at Federation House, previously part of Castlefield Galleries New Art Spaces, Manchester 2014