With thanks to Simon Lovell, Magician, Comedian and Escapologist  

ESCAPE (2004) single channel film, colour, sound run time: 00:9:16

An escapologist’s act, usually reserved for a live audience is performed and filmed alone, high above the city on a balcony in downtown Manhattan.  The sequence of action is continuous, the frames slowed down and without sound. The escape switches from forwards to reverse in a seamless shift that always ends up at the same point only to repeat the same fruitless action. Time is irrelevant as the repeated patterns of restraint and constraint deny any possibility of diversification or development.

Habit, obsession, repetition and restraint are all explored in one man’s struggle to escape from a straightjacket.







Exhibition views from Solo show at Mid-Pennine Gallery, Burnley Lancs, 2004

Installation, Film Projection (Escape), Lightboxes, 

In August 2001, Clements funded by Arts Council England attended The Queen Elizabeth II – Lucky Magic Cruise, a magicians’ conference on the QE2 travelling from New York to Southampton over 6 days. Observer and participant, Clements sought to gain a greater understanding and be inspired by their art, showmanship and sleight of hand.