Dr Libby Heaney at The Festival of the Brain 2023

Libby Heaney is a London based artist, who works across moving image, performance, installation, sculpture and print, usually combining these with advanced technologies such as machine learning, game engines & quantum computing – a new type of computer that processes information on particles following the weird laws of quantum physics.

Heaney is widely known as the first person to make art with quantum computers. Her artwork Ent- has been exhibited across continents, has received substantial international press in places like Der Welt, Wallpaper* and Spike Art, and received the Lumen Prize Immersive Environments Award in 2022.

Title: From binary to non-binary: quantum computing and art

Overview: Imagine programming a slimeball. Taking a gooey, entangled, shapeshifting reality and massaging it in precisely the right way to solve problems that could never be solved on even the largest binary, digital computer.

This is quantum computing – a powerful new type of computer – that is being intensely pursued by big tech companies and governments around the globe. Yet hardly anyone is discussing the forthcoming quantum revolution. In this talk, I’ll use my slimy quantum art practice to unpack quantum computing. I will lift the lid on how big tech companies plan to use these tools and the radical potential of quantum computing in the arts.


Cover photo by Andrea Rossetti

The Festival of the Brain took place on March 11th 2023 at The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery Rawtenstall. This day long festival featured a variety of guest speakers each of whom presented different areas of expertise and viewpoints all relating to aspects and ideas of the brain.  

The festival took place during Clements solo show ‘Everyone In This Room is Connected to Everyone in this Room’ at the gallery (Feb 24 – May 7 2023) where she explored visual representations of the brain alongside AR and AI interactions and films.

Filming by LGBTV https://www.lgbtv.co.uk

Edited by Jo Clements