Don’t Be Afraid To Lay On The Art

Don’t Be Afraid To Lay On The Art (2018) camping mattress, appliqued felt cover & pillow, sound. W64cm L190cm H15cm

Viewers are invited to come on into the gallery and lay on the art; place your head on the pillow, get comfy and listen to the sounds of the original Atari video game Pong heard through a hidden speaker placed underneath the pillow.

The work references freedom as a meaningful performative act. It represents the freedom to act, the freedom to make, the freedom to be comfortable in the act of making.

With a nod to Hannah Arendt’s notion of freedom as an action – as a conduit to political action – the sound piece interrupts the act of peaceful repose to form a reminder that public static inertia is a game propagated by politicians to silence action and control who can win and who will suffer as a result of their ‘victory’.