100 Adapted Orphans

100AdaptedSculpture1 Index5Hand and Tube Index4Rats Index2tubes        

100 Adapted Orphans (2016) L45cm x W35.5cm x H19cm. Bamboo block, wire rope, 100 index cards, 100 QR Codes connecting to 100 short films made by the artist.

Shortlisted for the Greater Manchester Art Prize 2016

Short, ambiguous poetic statements and re-appropriated film clips make up the work 100 Adapted Orphans. Experienced via a ‘sculptural archive’ 100 QR codes printed onto 100 index cards are linked to 100 short films accessed via mobile phone QR code readers. The films display a brutal honesty exploiting Clements’ struggles with, and notions of, grief, love, relationships and how a mediated, constructed memory of all of these emotions can disrupt our perception of abstracted experiences. Disjointed spoken narratives, construct an incomplete relationship between real situations, individuals, theories and movements. The turbulent, questioning nature of each film’s narrative contrasts with the clean lines of the sculpture which suggest logic, neatness and order. Audiences are invited to experience this archive of emotional responses by leafing through the cards, accessing the films in a random order. The presentation reflects Clements’ ongoing exploration of alternative ways of experiencing disjointed information through moving image work.

The films were sourced and then adapted from online moving image archives and respond to Clements’ ongoing research into the relationships between original intent/provenance, digital consumer/object, copyright, and the resulting implications/tensions for the re-appropriation of archival materials.

The film clips and texts also provide content for the 75 minute film, 100 Adapted Orphans : Remixed shown at Bury Museum and Art Gallery as part of the exhibition, Jo Clements : Retrospective Nov 2015 -Feb 2016.

The full film can be viewed here https://vimeo.com/140042510