We Will Never As Humans Be Able To See 360° (2016)  3 copper domes w 100cm, d 100cm h 200cm, OSVR headsets, Windows based VR ready PC, scaffolding, sound.

Stick your head in a copper dome and be transported into virtual worlds that display a post-truth mix of disconnected information, actions without conclusion, frustration, confusion and manufactured associations, wonderment, desire and manipulation of sequential understanding.

The project We Will Never As Humans Be Able To See 360° merges my sculptural structures with virtual reality to create multi-layered, immersive, sensory environments. I commissioned artists Sam Ingleson and Steve Oliver to create new digital content specifically for the project.

Please contact me for clips of the VR content.

This project would not have been possible without the unwavering support and expertise of Alasdair Swenson. For this project Swenson sourced and built the necessary hardware and developed the artworks using the Unreal Engine.

Images from inaugural showing at Caustic Coastal, Salford, October 2016.