This Is The Difference Between Evidence and Belief (2016)


This is the Difference Between Evidence and Belief (2016)

Single Channel short film

Run time 9:02 Colour, silent

as seen at Castlefield Galleries New Art Spaces Chorlton

An animated version of Cinderella plays behind a series of words whose sequence entices logical connections and narratives. The animation runs backwards in direct reference to a twitter user who described herself as being the epitome of allerednic syndrome i.e. Cinderella spelt backwards, thus feeding into Clements’ current explorations with the relationship between the written/spoken word and manipulated identities and exaggerated experience. An absence of punctuation removes lines of demarcation leaving audiences scrabbling to determine meaning and reason.

This film represents Clements’ fascination with apophenia, or the way in which the human brain has an in-built mechanism that searches for meaning between different points of reference even when there is none. The text is taken from twitter users posts, who in self-identified moments of perceived clarity, insight or belief are often indulging in a kind of comforting, gratifying affirmation that stifles questioning at the expense of progressive or original thought. Nonetheless, the film hints at moments of hope, warmth and solidarity amidst the confusion and attention seeking proclamations.

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