Obey On Kawara (you’re my only hope) (2016)

Obey On Kawara (you’re my only hope)(2016) Single channel video, 60 minutes, b/w, sound.

Part of the group exhibition Early Warning, curated by Mark Devereux projects at &Model Gallery | Leeds | UK
16 March – 2 April 2016

The time frame of an hour, the duration of the film, refers to the typical length of time that TV programmes are allocated and the notion that viewers concentration is trained to conform to this time frame. Outside of this lays TV’s predictable repetition, boredom and the associated passing of time alongside the existential propositions relating to time explored by the conceptual artist On Kawara. Clements’ accompanying voiceover suggests chanting or mantras used for purposes of centredness and meditation or, conversely, methods of persuasion through repetition or brainwashing techniques. The title demonstrates Clements’ recurrent playful manipulations of text simultaneously juxtaposing the importance of On Kawara’s influence on contemporary art practices with the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his mastery of ‘the force’. Clements humorously questions art’s authenticity, the weight of conceptual art history, truth-conditions and how the acquisition of influences for making new contemporary artwork is both fragmented and complex.