Drag Venn Fed (2017)

We Will Never As Humans Be Able To See 360° (2016)

This Is The Difference Between Evidence and Belief (2016)

100 Adapted Orphans (2016)

Obey On Kawara (you’re my only hope) (2016)

All This Happened (2015)

The 9 Archives project

Time to Murder and Create (2014)

The Bare Bones of It (2014)

Unidentified Recollections (drawings for unmade sculptures)(2014)

Uncle Mac’s Plaque (2014)

Ower Bit Bog Oil (2014)

Dissensus (2014)

Dam(n) 2013

Caught Mapping (2013)

Resuscitation (2011)

Inept Raconteur (2008)

Process for Time Out

Time Out


Premature Conclusion (The Reverse of Anticipation)



My Memoirs Won’t Mention You