Jo Clements draws upon archives, social media, mathematical formulas, art history and other established sources of knowledge to create work that questions accepted facts as markers of truth. Frequently sensual and often tongue in cheek the work exudes an ambiguous mix of the serious and the absurd.

Clements’ work wrestles with common anxieties around incompleteness of knowledge, experience and achievements. Centred on the futile search for certainty of understanding and perceived hierarchies of knowledge, her humorous, reimaginings and reappropriations playfully explore our relationship with information and instruction through sculpture, film and installation.

Subject matter ranges from a feminised sculpture of a Venn diagram relaying whispering audio that can only be heard by awkwardly placing an ear next to a prosthetic nipple, to an installation that requires the viewer to comically stand with their head inside large copper sculptures wearing virtual reality headsets to experience confusing virtual scenarios within which they have no control.

Jo Clements lives and works in Manchester, UK.


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