Jo Clements is a visual artist who works with film, installation, constructed forms and virtual reality. She has exhibited work both nationally and internationally and is currently based at Caustic Coastal studios, Manchester, UK.

Clements has an abiding interest in how digital media interventions or interruptions can alter perceptions of space, environment or object.

Humorous, often theatrical imaginings along with a playful, irreverent approach to making, and abiding interest in the use of both the written and spoken word, result in fictional presentations and installations that respond to her ongoing fascination with apophenia – the way in which the human brain has an in built mechanism that searches for meaning between different points of reference even when there are none.

She is driven, enlivened and constantly surprised by the inescapable ambiguity and ultimate pointlessness of an artistic practice that infers meaning and value onto works even though the significance of everything that artists do is dependent upon the meaning others give to it.

In 2015 she was awarded an Arts Council England grant for a year long project to produce new works that explore the potential for viewing archived film via Virtual Reality technologies and in 2016 had a 3 month long solo show at Bury Art Museum, was selected for the exhibition Aperture as a leading North West artist working with moving image by Quays Culture, was one of 9 artists selected for the Mark Devereux Projects annual showcase of associate artists.

She was shortlisted for the GM Art Prize in both 2016 and 2017. She has recently (2017) completed a VR and AR lab residency with Collusion Cambridge and is an RD1st/CAW Accredited Coach following support from a-n to attend training with an aim to work specifically as a coach for visual artists. She has a PhD from the University of Salford where she occasionally delivers lectures.

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